Aussie Speeding Fines' Reply
to Sean P Hardy and Consumer Affairs.

Why the Aussie Speeding Fines e-book is NOT a scam and the TRUTH behind S. P. Hardy's and Consumer Affair's comments!


Police FAIL to put Aussie Speeding Fines on trial despite a DESPERATE attempt in court against Mike Palmer on the 4th September 2008. The Police Prosecutor, Mr James Kibbel urged the Judge to entertain the ridiculous notion that Mike Palmer was the man behind Aussie Speeding Fines, despite the fact that all he has ever done is promote us on A Current Affair and run a seminar for us over 12 months ago!

The Judge told Mr Kibbel that he would entertain no such notion and the police failed MISERABLY in their attempt to prove to the Australian public that the Aussie Speeding Fines strategies do not work and that the information that they provide is not valid.

Yet another WIN for the team at Aussie Speeding Fines!

After 12 months of ignoring Sean Hardy's rubbish, we have been prompted by Mike Palmer - a man who was kind enough to help us get our ideas out of our heads and into the hands of thousands of motorists around the country - to respond to Mr Hardy's ridiculous and vindictive claims that our strategies don't work.

Before we do though, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Palmer for the work he did in helping us set up our website and promote us in the early days. We understand that his caused him some concern in respect to the brilliant work he does and we would urge you to support him, and yourselves, by clicking the links below: - Take your Life to the Next Level. - Mike Palmers reply to Sean Hardy

Okay, so let's clear up some of S. P. Hardy's crap and clear some of the fact from fiction from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website while we're at it. Mr Hardy states that our strategies don't work yet this is plain and simply NOT true!

We have literally THOUSANDS of members around Australia and we receive numerous e-mails EVERY week from people who have successfully used our strategies, in one form or another, to fight back against a corrupt and unjust system and WIN. We put many of these e-mails up on our Testimonials page - - with a name, unlike Mr Hardy who has two, most likely fabricated comments, with no details what-so-ever. So, who is REALLY the transparent entity with nothing to hide?

We have received hundreds of other e-mails from people thanking us for having "the balls" to put this information out there" and we constantly receive e-mails telling us "you guys are the best", "thank God there are people like you out there" and we even had one from a person telling us we should receive an "Order of Australia medal"!

Now, does that sound like unhappy or dis-satisfied members to you???

With over 22,000 members and after being on-line for over 7 years now, we have only had a dozen requests for a refund. This further PROVES that our information and our strategies DO, in fact, WORK.

It is interesting that despite the Consumer Affairs Victoria website being entitled "Consumer Scams and Alerts", their listing against Aussie Speeding Fines is only listed as a "warning" because they know full well that if they tried to list it is a "scam" they would be in court before they could hit the upload button on the website! They have absolutely NO proof what-so-ever that our information is in ANY way mis-leading and the REALITY is, if we weren't costing the government tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, why would they even bother???

So, let's look at why Sean P Hardy would spread this rubbish around the internet:

Firstly, he is a lawyer so he is one of "them". He has been indoctrinated into the legal system and he is a proponent of "the system", in all its corrupt and unfair glory. Have no doubt, Sean Hardy represents the legal system, not you!

Secondly, S. P. Hardy is losing money hand over fist because of our website. Sean Hardy was charging thousands of dollars to run a simple speeding fine case for people and many thousands of dollars for more complex traffic matters. Now, because of OUR information, people have been inspired and empowered to fight their own cases in court for FREE and he is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars - this is a business to him, plain and simple.

Give Sean a call and give him your infringement scenario and ask him how much he would charge to run a full case for you and then ask him what guarantee he gives that you will win!!!

Finally, Sean Hardy is a small time traffic lawyer and knows little to nothing of Constitutional Law. He is a product of the legal system and therefore he buys into all the lies that "the system" tells him. We have had a page up for 7 years now asking Sean Hardy - or anyone else for that matter (even any so-called "government" agencies) to PROVE;

1. The laws we refer to have been enacted correctly (ie. In the Queen's name),
2. That any speed detection device complies to Section 10 of the National Measurement Act or to provide some proof that they don't need to (which would negate the Supreme Court ruling in WA in 1995),
3. That what we say about the 1988 Referendum removing the right for the "establishment or continuance of local government" is in any way incorrect,
4. That the High Court ruling of Forge v ASIC is somehow irrelevant when people request a Chapter III court hearing, or
5. That our reference to Article 15 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is in any way irrelevant.

S. P. Hardy has, of course, completed FAILED to answer ANY of these points.

So, what else has Sean Hardy failed to do? It seems as though he has also failed to actually OBEY the law! Interesting for a lawyer who wants to get on his soap box and tell people that what others are doing is illegal.

Now, Sean Hardy has every right to express his views on our website or our strategies - as does Consumer Affairs Victoria - we have no problem with that at all. We do, however, have a problem with him breaching "Copyright and using excerpts from our site that are clearly marked Copyright 2008 Aussie Speeding Fines. All rights reserved."

Now, Mr Hardy can prattle on all he likes about our breach of Copyright fee - including using the same concept on his very own page, which proves that he just chops and changes the law to suit himself - but the legal fact remains that you cannot just copy and paste information that has clearly been copyrighted.

You may want to think twice about using a so-called "lawyer" who clearly flaunts the law like S. P. Hardy does.

Furthermore, we, like others who have read Hardy's ridiculous website, question his motivation to go to the lengths of creating multiple web pages and registering the domain "Aussie Speeding Fine", rather than just simply put up a single page on his website and say "No, I dont believe in or agree with the strategies of Aussie Speeding Fines and I don't think you should buy their e-book. Look at the Consumer Affairs article on us - it's all of FIVE lines - why did Hardy see fit to write 18 pages?

When you consider the tens, or more likely, hundreds of thousands of dollars that Sean Hardy has lost as a result of our website then you can start to understand why he has gone to those lengths. Not that it worries us much which is why we haven't even bothered posting a response for 9 months. At the end of the day, the people who come to us can see straight through Sean Hardy's rubbish and it certainly hasn't affected the number of people who access our information on a daily basis and fight people just like Hardy who keep trying to force the INJUSTICE of the current system down their throats.

We have the right in this country to share our views and our experiences with people who are interested in reading them - it's called Freedom of Speech. We do not have a right, either legally or morally, to breach other people's Copyright or to make false claims about them.

We do not share Mike Palmer's view and we do not wish Sean Hardy well at all. We would urge him to remove this incorrect, illegal and offensive material from the internet before the full weight of the law that he preaches so much about is brought upon him.

Sean Hardy should understand that Aussie Speeding Fines is far larger that one man. We are a group of people from around Australia that are sick to death of the corruption within our so-called "justice" system and, as such, we will collectively continue our work until a fair, open and HONEST system is brought in to replace the current one that is totally ineffective and despised by the very people it is supposed to be protecting. The reality is that there are media releases on an almost daily basis about innocent motorists who have simply had enough. We have Police members, politicians and even the occasional Magistrate who agree that the current system of revenue raising through speeding fines is simply out of control!

So, to learn the TRUTH about Aussie Speeding Fines and to learn first hand of our experiences and successes in fighting these unjust and unlawful fines, please visit and, should you be so inclined, feel free to send Sean Hardy an e-mail or two telling him how you have succeeded using our information and what you think of his ridiculous attempts to discredit us.

We would also urge any of our members who have had success with our system to write to Consumer Affairs and explain that they have had a favourable outcome from using our information - although we HIGHLY doubt that you would get any kind of positive response to that.

Finally, a number of members have had concerns about Mr Palmer pleading guilty to a number of charges in September at Moorabbin Magistrate's Court. Mr Palmer has been kind enough to provide us with an e-mail explaining this decision in length and you can view it on our website at